Arpeggione's specification and price list.


Popular only for a few years after its invention by Staufer in 1823,
this hybrid instrument combines a cello body with a guitar-like fretted neck and 6 strings.
Schubert wrote a famous sonata for arpeggione with piano accompaniment. Johann Georg Staufer, Vienna 1831.
Copy right(C) for my Arpeggione model making, sales, photos, and publicity: All rights reserved.


Beautiful European flamed maple back and nice spruce top, timber naturally air-dry over 15 years. ebony fingerboard with 24 th metal frets and ebony or rosewood fittings. Gut 6 strings.

+ 4/4 size Price;

- Master;
Decorative type (with inlaying and carving design) : $25,000 - $15,000

- Advance;
Plain type (no inlaying and carving design): $14,000 - $10,000

- Student;
Plain type (no inlaying and carving design): $9,900 - $8,900

Size (Dimension) and specification;
I will inform you about Arpeggione's specifications as follows;


OK (Osamu Okumura)-model:

* Bass size ; similar to the 3/4 size Violin-cello.

Total length 1,120 mm
String length 610 mm
Body length 630 mm
Body width 110 mm
Bouts; Upper 290, Middle 230, Lower 365 mm

* Top front and Center at sound post - Spruce
* Back and Side flanks - Maple
* Hammer head, Back design - original sculpture with an arabesque
* Sound hole - arranged C
* Guitar curves
* Inside 2 Block woods
* Fingerboard with the plastic unity bands - 15 Frets black
* 6 Gut strings (D,A,E,C,G,D) for the Bass(Tenor)-Viola Da Gamba, "Pirastro" - 1 set
(I usually use to play the classical music.)
Sometimes I use 6 steel strings ;
(E,A,D,G - Vc "Pirastro" - set)
(B, e - Folk Guitar, some brand)
* Tailpiece original, with 6 string Adjusters, “Wittner” L type for Viola
* Pegs - 4/4 size for Bass(Tenor)-Viola Da Gamba – 7 piece (but I do not use 7th now)
* Pitch; Modern A-440 Hz, (but sometimes controlled 410 for the baroque music ensemble)

Staufer’s model:

Total L.: 1157 mm (45-9/16 in.);
String Length. 604 mm (23?)
Body L.: 682 mm (26-5/8 in.);
Widths :
UB. 333 mm (13-1/8 in.): MB. 232 mm (9-1/8 in); LB. 395 mm (15? in.);
Sto. 342 mm (13-3/8 in);

Anton Mitteis’s model;

Total L.: 1212 mm
String Length.:667mm
Body Lenght:637mm
Widths: LB. MAX380mm
Body Height:98mm


US copyright registration planning

The third work has already been designed, and my stringed instrument arpeggione is being planned for this drawing to American copyright register. The administrative scrivener or the patent lawyer etc. of the United States know, I will register.

Copy right(C) for my Arpeggione model making, sales, photos, publicity:All rights reserved.


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