"Arpeggione Q & A"
Osamu Okumura, Arpeggione Society, Copyright © 2017

Q1. Who is the composer of the für Arpeggione und Pianoforte a-moll D821" (1824)?
Composed by Franz Schubert (Franz Schubert, 1797-1828).
Only "Arpeggione Sonata remains.

Q2. Who is a substitute cellist?
Famous cellist: Mustislav Leopoldovich Lostropovich (Mstislav Leopol 'dovich Rostropovich, 1927-2007).

Q3. Who are the three big -S people involved in arpeggione?
① Johann Georg Staufer (1778-1853) of the guitar workshop which invented the string instrument called “Arpeggione” in 1823.
② Franz Schubert (Franz Schubert, 1797-1828) composed to 1824.
③ Vincenz Schuster (Vincenz Schuster, birth and death unknown) premiered in 1824.

Q4. What is an arpeggione string instrument?
According to the "Standard Music Dictionary" (1991 edition), "Guitar applying Cello's playing technique" = Direct translation is bowed guitar.

Q5. Characteristics of arpeggione?
Arpeggione, also called bow guitar, cello guitar, was produced by Johann Georg Staufer of the Viennese in 1823.
This instrument, which is smaller than cello and rounded, is a musical instrument that has metal frets and six strings, "can multiply" guitar and cello.
We play it with both knees in the same way as cello, but the end pin is not attached.
The sound is similar to English horn (from the definition of Hirma).

Q6. What equipment is existing?
1824 – 1832, 6 instruments including Vienna, Berlin, Leipzig, NY., etc.

Q7. Sound source by replica?
① Klaus Storck (Klaus Storck, 1928-2011), 1974.
② Alfred Lessing (1930-2013), 1980 by the original instruments made by Staufer, Schuster, Johann Burgmuller , Johan Friendrich Franz Burgmuller (1806-1874), Anton Diabelli (1781- 1858) and performances of guitar composers.
③ Gerhart Darmstadt (1952 -) of Professor Chamber Music of the Hamburg University of Art Hamburg played the same sonata of Schubert by the original musical instrument of Mitteis model.
④ Young arpeggionist, associate professor of the Royal Conservatory of Belgium Nicolas Deletaille (Nicolas Deletaille, 1979-) released the same sonata of Schubert at a musical instrument (made in 2001) by Belgian violin producer Benjamen La Brigue.

Q8. Outline of musical instruments?
It is about 1,200 mm in length, which is about the same length as Baroque cello, comparable to 3/4 size of modern cello.
The head is a hammer type and inherits the design of a classical guitar.
The body is constricted loosely like a guitar, and the sound hole is a characteristic design with a slightly curved C shape.

Q9. Tuning?
Same as the guitar tuning, open string incorporating four degrees and three degrees of E, A, d, g, h, e (4, 4, 4, 3, 4).
At that time A = 415 Hz, it was played as a Forte piano accompaniment.

Q 10. Model?
Johann Georg Staufer and Anton Mitteis 1824, OK model 1990 by Osamu Okumura.

Q 11. Fingerboard?
Common to the guitar with 24 metal frets

Q12. A substitute instrument and score?
In the performance on the Sonata, there are also viola, cello, contrabass and wind instruments instead of this instrument.
Fax version: French music company Fuzeau.

Q13. Reason for decline?
"Schubertiade" is an artistic activity that is valued for the creativity of poetry and art, and Schubert and others tried to appeal the freedom from political control with the power and music of young people.
In the Okumura proposal, from the aspect of instruments, as follows;
It was difficult to commercialize, Since it was order production at that time, it did not circulate to the general public in large quantities.
At the manufacturing stage it was difficult to adjust the metal frets, there was no successor.
Gut strings and lack of procurement of materials and others are at the risk of commercialization.
It was not a "luxury" instrument protected by court music like Viola da Gamba, but a minor instrument that was loved as a hobby for some guitarists and cellists.
- It seems that they did not popularize for reasons such as.

Q14. Compared with other string instruments?



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