さっそく、ピーターからアルペジョーネの自作状況についてメールを受信した。予想した通りチェロの1/4 size ボディをもちいて、ネックはギター、新しくフィンガーボードをつけた改造楽器だった。

Dear Mr. Osamu Okumura:
Thank you for your note of interest in my arpeggione site. I am interested to hear that you will be building your own arpeggione. That is what I had to do myself, as well.
The instrument in the youtube clip is one which I made by combining a quarter-size cello with the neck of a guitar, and a new fingerboard.
Keep me informed of your research.
Peter Yates


UCLAの P.イエツ先生の経歴は以下。

PETER YATES studied guitar under the late Theodore Norman at UCLA. Trained also as a composer, his activities have included annual performances in Europe and the United States -- both as a soloist and as a member of the Elgart-Yates Guitar Duo -- and the composition of an opera based on the lives and works of folk artists Simon Rodia and "Grandma" Tressa Prisbrey. He has premiered over one hundred works for one and two guitars. The Elgart-Yates Duo have co-written a pioneering book on the prepared guitar, have been selected by the National Endowment for the Arts "Arts America" International Touring Roster, and have performed at venues ranging from Lincoln Center and Italian Radio (RAI) to the jazz clubs of Salzburg and Brussels. Their most recent recordings are available on TR and Bridge Records. His M.F.A. in guitar performance is from UCLA and his D.M.A. in composition is from the Claremont Graduate School.


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