Dear Mr. Okumura,

Thank you so much for your response before. Somehow my computer could not read your email, but I have it fixed now. Your comment was very helpful to my research and I am endlessly grateful. My program is a master's degree in viola performance. I am doing this research project because I am performing the arpeggione sonata on viola, and it seems to me that I need to know more about the arpeggione.

Can I ask you some more questions? I was wondering if you don't mind me quoting you and your website in my paper. I was also wondering if you can tell a little about yourself, where you got your phD, etc. Also, how did you come up with the dimensions of the arpeggione? How did you know how big to make it? was it from a drawing? or based on already existing arpeggiones?

thank you,
Emily Wang


Arpeggione CD on arpeggione instrument

Dear Mister Osamu Okumura,

I remember your interest for arpeggione.

I would like to inform you that my CD with the Schubert Arpeggione Sonata played on arpeggione and fortepiano instrument are to be released in 2 weeks. (Nicolas Deletaille, arpeggione; Paul Badura-Skoda, fortepiano)

The record Label is Fuga Libera (Belgium) www.fugalibera.com

Paul Badura-Skoda is playing a Conrad Graf fortepiano (ca. 1820) from the Florence "Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori" Collection.

The recording has been made in Florence in January 2006.

The CD also includes Schubert Quintet in C major with two cellos where I play with the Quatuor Rosamonde (France). The Quintet has been recorded in June 2007 in Paris.

I also made very beautiful pictures of my arpeggione. I send you in attachment the CD cover but I can send you later other beautiful pictures of my instrument too.

I suppose that Fuga Libera Web Site will advertise the release of their CD and I will be able to send you this informaton at that time, but I already wanted to let you know this news!

All the best,
Nicolas Deletaille


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